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    <p class=”MsoNormal”> Overnight Lean Keto Medical advances and L-argentine These are some advantages of the consumption of L-argentine that the experts point out: Beneficial for skin and hair , its rejuvenating properties activate healing and accelerate the regenerative process at the skin level. The skin is the most extensive organ that we have and it is known that over the years it loses elasticity, shine and freshness. Some experts recommend the intake of L-argentine to stimulate growth hormone and thus delay skin aging. Another aspect to consider is that argentine reduces the recovery time of the skin in case of wounds, since it is an essential element to produce collagen. Since argentine has a vasodilator effect , hair growth is attributed to it , this is because nitric oxide allows the blood to reach the hair follicle, carrying necessary nutrients for the hair. It helps bones and joints, argentine is an amino acid of great importance.</p>
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