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    <p class=”MsoNormal”>WHAT TO EAT TO INCREASE MUSCLE MASS?</p>
    <p class=”MsoNormal”>Alpha Titan Testo If you want to increase your muscle mass you have to give your body the necessary nutrients so that it can generate all those processes. The first thing we recommend is to calculate your basal metabolism and total energy expenditure and increase it to 500kcal per day.</p>
    <p class=”MsoNormal”>Once you know the kcal a day you need you have to plan your diet based on those numbers.</p>
    <p class=”MsoNormal”>The foods that you must eat to increase your muscle mass are quality proteins (eggs, chicken, fish, veal) carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables) and healthy fats (olive oil, avocado, nuts)</p>
    <p class=”MsoNormal”></p>

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